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Here are my stands on these important issues:

Overcrowding must be contained as quickly as possible.  If I am elected I will work to find the most effective way to combat this problem.  As a small city, we cannot afford to litigate this problem so we must immediately begin to find and use the methods that work for other towns and cities.

Property Taxes are out of control!  When assessments go up 30%, the budget shouldn't go up the same amount.  As your councilman, I will work to begin the budget process in a way that might seem new: the republican way.  We will start with a 0% increase in budget outlays and work from there.  The actual budget amount might go up or down but 50% in 4 years is crazy.

The Public Schools are too important to take a chance with.  I know, my daughter attends a City school.  There is no surer way to turn a first-class city into a second-class has been than having lousy schools.  As it stands right now, our schools our fully accredited and we need to ensure that they stay that way.  I would like to see the school board submit a budget, just like everyone else.

Development is a constant challenge for cities in Northern Virginia.  We have our fair share of new developments and we need to make sure that these new developments fit in with the character of our city.  We want high-quality developments whose effects are anticipated by our government.  If Manassas plans to develop, Manassas must also plan to expand infrastructure.  Development at all costs is a bad thing but well-planned development helps the City move forward.

Quality of life is also important for us.  Quality of life can mean many different things but I believe that it is an amalgamation of the other issues.  As such, it is an excellent gauge of our overall performance. 

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